Central American Journey

El Salvador and beyond…

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Going to El Salvador

danna and andrew

Hello friends, new and old!  We are Danna and Andrew.  We are a married couple interested in the joyous struggle for peace and social justice.  To learn more about the world, be of service, and foster deeper relationships across borders, we are heading to Central America.  We are maintaining this blog to document our journey and also to ask for financial support (click on Donate button).

For the first 10 days of our journey we will be part of the Washington Ethical Society’s (WES) Global Connections trip to WES’ sister village of El Rodeo in El Salvador.  It is a very rural village that has been impoverished and damaged by war, where the only source of water is a contaminated spring.

Visit here for more information about the relationship and the community.
Some of the work we will do in El Rodeo includes:

  • Help provide cleaner potable waterel salvador map
  • Assist in the mobile dental clinic run by a WES member
  • Assist with interviews for the historic memory project
  • Help the teachers in El Rodeo’s elementary school
  • Work with families in their fields  (milpas)
  • Help in the kitchen; assist with the laundry

The US government has been involved in supporting military repression in El Salvador through the training of death squads, directly financing the dictatorship during the civil war, and other means.  These realities do not represent the world we wish to see and so we feel compelled to work for justice.

As part of our goals we plan to stay in El Salvador and other parts of Central America for several months after the rest of the WES delegation leaves.  Our plan is to work with local nonprofits where we can practice our fields of intercultural social justice and conflict transformation.  Through this we can learn more about the world, the legacy of global oppression, and how we can promote justice and peace.

To cover the cost of our trip, we are asking people to support us by donating $50, $100, $150, or any amount you are able to give.  Donations are directly to WES in our name and are tax-deductible.  Use the Paypal “Donate” button below.  Our departure is June 27th and we need to complete the rest of our fundraising really soon.Donate ButtonWith greatest appreciation,

Andrew and Danna